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Stuhlmann describes Swiatek's "taped

Jul 22, 2023

Speaking during the latest episode of the podcast Overserved, tennis influencer Rachel Stuhlmann shared her opinion on Iga Swiatek's strange training technique that made headlines earlier this week."The first thing I thought when I saw that was some kind of breathing thing, some kind of training thing.

It gets interesting because when you play tennis, you're taught to exhale when you make contact with the shot. That's where the grunt comes from. You're really breathing into the shot. You get the power, you can hit it clean. So, I'm not sure about the strategy behind that [tape].

She's no.1 for a reason, she has a world-class trainer, so I know they have their reasons and strategies on that," Stuhlmann said during the podcast.

Iga Swiatek is not sure about all the effects of training with her mouth taped but she still came up with an explanation during a press conference from Montreal."I don't get it either.No, but, it's harder to breathe when you're only breathing with your nose and it's easier for my heart rate to go up, you know? And I think it has something to do with endurance, but I am not gonna explain you properly, because I'm not an expert.

Sometimes I don't get the things they tell me to do either. I am doing that for a long time now. So yeah, it got pretty easy, but for sure you can see the difference in, you know, how everything you do on court is getting more and more hard with that tape on your mouth.So I guess, it's the way to kind of work on my endurance by not having me, you know, run so fast and do extreme things," Swiatek said.