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Hospital Care For Healthcare Professionals

Nov 28, 2023

Across the hospital, from the emergency room to the pharmacy, from the intensive care unit (ICU) to your inpatient’s room, we are here to help you deliver the highest standard of care to your patients.

Providing what you may need to prepare and deliver medications to patients quickly and safely, including infusion pumps, intravenous (IV) solutions and medications, parenteral nutrition (PN) and our DoseEdge pharmacy workflow manager

Helping you quickly and reliably capture the vitals and patient status data you need

Designed to improve exam efficiency and help early detection and diagnosis

Supporting your ability to quickly diagnose heart conditions with our Welch Allyn resting ECG and stress testing systems

Providing a lifeline to help nurses keep patients safe and satisfied with our Voalte Nurse Call platform

Designed to support patient recovery and clinician efficiency with the Hillrom Centrella Smart+ med-surg bed, Hillrom Affinity 4 birthing bed and the Hillrom procedural stretcher

The patient bedside is at the very center of hospital care. Our extensive range of products and technologies support early diagnosis and effective treatments, while streamlining workflows and automating tasks so your teams can spend more time on patient care.

Care also extends beyond the bedside. Wherever you are, our connected monitoring and care communication technologies help coordinate care among the broader team and keep vital, time-sensitive information at your fingertips 24/7.

Offering an infusion therapy option that integrates with innovative digital health solutions, including Dose IQ Safety Software and IQ Enterprise Connectivity Suite, to help advance the safety and efficiency of medication delivery and management.

Providing accurate vital signs measurement with an easy-to-use design and secure EMR connectivity, the Connex Spot Monitor supports efficient and informed clinical decisions.

Offering a fully non-invasive and highly precise approach to fluid management, the Starling Fluid Management Monitoring System is part of Baxter’s market-leading innovation in patient monitoring.

Offering a standardization solution for healthcare facilities, FlexiPort Reusable Blood Pressure Cuffs include options that help streamline workflow, simplify inventory management and reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

Designed to decrease procedure time, improve data accuracy and deliver secure EMR connectivity, the Eli 380 Resting Electrocardiograph (ECG) helps streamline the ECG experience.

As a unified digital care communications solution, the Voalte Platform puts vital patient information at the fingertips of the clinicians who need it and when they need it to help accelerate interventions and impact outcomes.

With innovations that help optimize patient safety and healing, continuously monitor patient status and enhance the patient experience, the Centrella Smart+ Bed supports patient-centered bedside care.

The Spectrum IQ Infusion System strives to set a new standard of care in the medication administration process, while also offering a simple, standardized user experience to help reduce human programming errors.

We are innovating to give every critically ill patient—from the smallest neonates to elderly adults—the best opportunity for recovery. Our industry-leading technologies and services help the care team provide more individualized monitoring and therapies, while streamlining the complexities of critical care.

Every day we work alongside care teams to simplify and optimize the delivery of continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT) and multi-organ support therapies. For more than 20 years, our CRRT systems have been trusted around the world to deliver comprehensive care and help improve outcomes for your critically ill patients.

Fluid management plays an essential role in supporting patient care in the ICU. Our fluid management monitoring system is designed to support individualized, patient-specific clinical decisions that will help deliver the right therapy to the right patient.

Across it all, our connected platforms harness the power of data to generate insights that you can use to optimize outcomes and improve workflow efficiency.

Advancing continuous, non-invasive hemodynamic monitoring for optimal fluid management

Delivering lifesaving therapies optimally and efficiently

Designed to support patient recovery and caregiver efficiency

Helping keep vital information available when it's needed

Supporting safe patient handling and mobility with lifts, supports, stretchers and more

From airway clearance to noninvasive ventilation, our respiratory therapies are designed to support your patients’ recovery during hospitalization as well as transitioning to the home

Offering a fully non-invasive and highly precise approach to fluid management, the Starling Fluid Management Monitoring System is part of Baxter’s advancement in patient monitoring.

Offering individualized continuous renal replacement and therapeutic plasma exchange therapies for critically ill patients, the PrisMax System is designed to give healthcare professionals more confidence.

Granted FDA emergency use authorization for specific hospitalized COVID-19 infection patients, the Oxiris Filter Set, used with PrisMax and PrismaFlex Systems, is the only filter that performs multiple blood purification therapies simultaneously.

Designed to help your intensive care unit capture the full potential of your own data, TrueVue Therapy Management is a suite of digital health solutions.

As the only device that combines three key OLE therapies, in just minutes, the Volara System for Oscillation & Lung Expansion Therapy can help acute care patients breathe easier.

Offering a range of designs and options, floor-based mobile lifts provide the patient safety and support needed and are part of Baxter’s extensive lifting solutions portfolio.

Providing in-bed percussion, vibration and continuous lateral rotation therapies, the Progressa Smart+ Bed acts as a seamless extension of your care team.

Designed to support the recovery of critically ill acute kidney injury patients, the innovative Prismaflex System delivers multiple therapies with a versatile, customizable platform.

The pharmacy provides critical service to every patient throughout the hospital. It’s a huge responsibility that depends on access to essential products and technologies that enable the team to safely and accurately prepare and dose medications. That's why we are focused on innovations that support medication safety, compounding, workflow efficiency and connectivity throughout your pharmacy operations. Our range of offerings includes IV solutions and medications, compounding technology, premix medications, ready-to-use and parenteral nutrition (PN) solutions, ready-to-use CRRT solutions and our DoseEdge pharmacy workflow manager.

About how we can work together to care for patients on our U.S. Hospital Products site.

Rx Only. For safe and proper use of products mentioned herein, please see the appropriate Operator’s Manual or Instructions for Use.

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