Best Amazon LED Face Mask Deal 2023: $56 Light Therapy Mask Sale
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Best Amazon LED Face Mask Deal 2023: $56 Light Therapy Mask Sale

Aug 25, 2023

There are no quick fixes when it comes to slowing signs of aging or repairing skin damage, but there could be an easier way to achieve all of your skincare goals in one shot. That’s the thinking behind LED light therapy masks, which harness the power of red and blue light to improve skin texture, enhance elasticity, promote circulation and reduce acne and age spots.

While some LED masks (also known as red light therapy masks) can run into the thousands of dollars, a new Amazon deal gets you the best-selling NUFR LED Light Therapy Mask for just $87. Apply the on-site Amazon coupon to get an additional $30 discount, taking the price down to just $57.

This is the cheapest price we’ve seen for any LED mask online, let alone one with almost all five-star reviews on Amazon.


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Unlike some LED face masks, which are bulky and heavy, the NUFR mask is worn like a pair of glasses, with arms that rest against your temples and a lightweight shield that sits over your face. Adjustable nose pads prevent the mask from slipping and sliding, while a built-in battery means you aren’t tethered to any annoying cords or cables, so you can move around freely, even when the mask is on.

The LED mask uses fixed natural light waves to promote blood circulation, enhance elasticity and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. Choose from three different light types: red light, to help reduce scarring and improve skin texture; blue light to kill acne-causing bacteria; and green light to deal with hyperpigmentation and improve overall brightness.

Users say they’ve noticed results after wearing the mask for as little as ten minutes a day. The device automatically shuts off after 20 minutes to prevent overexposure.

This light therapy mask and its LED technology is safe enough even for people with sensitive skin, and the entire process is easy to start right out of the box. The mask can be re-charged using a basic USB cable, making it easy to take on vacation or to the office when you need a few minutes of R&R.

Already a great value at its $86 price point, use this Amazon deal to save an additional $30 off the NUFR Facial Mask. Get it on sale for $57 now on

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