Ultenic U12 Vesla in test: good and affordable vacuum cleaner?
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Ultenic U12 Vesla in test: good and affordable vacuum cleaner?

Aug 06, 2023

With the U12 Vesla, the manufacturer has added a new cordless vacuum cleaner to its portfolio since the beginning of June this year, which promises a strong suction power of 30kPA at a comparatively low price. A suction station like in the big brother Ultenic FS1 is not on board, but the capacity in the vacuum cleaner is larger and a green light for tracking down dirt is also available on the floor brush. A wall mount is also included for easier storage in the household.

Today, we’ll take a look at what the Ultenic U12 Vesla literally has up its sleeve, or rather in the pipe. In doing so, we primarily want to find out whether the inexpensive overall package is convincing.

The Ultenic U12 Vesla comes in a black and white packaging. In the box, each part is thereby individually wrapped in a film and protected from shocks by separate indentations. The Ultenic U12 Vesla includes the main unit, a 25,000 mAh battery with power supply, two HEPA filters and a dust container. Furthermore, the telescopic tube, the floor brush, the crevice nozzle and a 2-in-1 attachment are included. A wall mount is also included, which consists of two parts. The user manual is included with the accessories and includes its own German paragraph.

To begin, the battery is inserted into the main unit of the Ultenic U12 Vesla. For this purpose, it can be pushed from behind towards the main unit, so that it snaps into place. The telescopic tube and the floor brush are then mounted. This can be done quite comfortably via a click mechanism. The telescopic tube is thus inserted onto the front of the main unit and the floor brush is connected to the other end of the telescopic tube. If you want to install another attachment on the U12 Vesla, the telescopic tube with floor brush is removed again and the crevice brush or 2-in-1 bristle brush is clipped directly onto the main unit until a click sound is heard. In the test, the entire process was completed quickly and the Ultenic U12 Vesla was ready for use after a few minutes. When the vacuum cleaner was started for the first time, the display showed a battery level of around 50% in the delivery state.

The battery vacuum cleaner from Ultenic comes in a gray-black look. In this look, the U12 Vesla appears timeless and modern. As for the installed materials, the vacuum cleaner is mainly made of plastic. In addition, the color selection is fixed, no other combination is available.

In terms of workmanship, the Ultenic U12 Vesla makes quite a good impression. The materials feel high-quality and the handle on the main unit makes a solid impression. The display turns out impressive, which shines very brightly and uses different color accents depending on the suction modes. However, if we put on the fine glasses, we can see minor uneven gaps on the keys or click closures. Of course, the range of functions is not affected by this. We therefore consider this perfectly sufficient for private use.

The operation of the Ultenic U12 Vesla is self-explanatory and is mainly handled by the three built-in push buttons on the main unit. On this side, on the one hand, there is the power button, a button for switching the suction modes and a button for activating integrated lamp. The adjustment and control via the various buttons works smoothly and quickly.

Furthermore, the operation of the handset is also quite smooth, whereas you have to apply a bit more pressure for the telescopic tube. Depending on the application, the tube of the Ultenic U12 Vesla can be adjusted in height. When in use, any dust collects in the 1-liter dust container. Ultenic does not use a bag with this model, which saves follow-up costs for the user.

The brush can be rotated up to 180 degrees, allowing you to reach all corners quickly and flexibly. In addition, the vacuum cleaner can be taken apart and converted into a handheld vacuum cleaner. With the crevice brush as well as the 2-in-1 attachment, curtains, sofas or the interior of the car can be cleaned very comfortably. The bristles of the Ultenic U12 Vesla are very soft. The switchable flashlight is also very bright and is ideal for dark rooms. Hidden dirt can also be better detected with this gadget. However, the Ultenic U12 Vesla does not have a wiping function.

Now we’ll move on to the practical part and check whether the Ultenic U12 Vesla’s technical specifications are noticeable in everyday use. After the battery is fully charged, the display shows a usage time of just under 64 minutes in Eco mode on our specimen. This is actually more than the specified value of 45 minutes in the spec sheet. However, if we switch to the third of the four suction modes, the display is reduced to 26 minutes. Nevertheless, we would tend towards this suction performance, as this is a good compromise between performance and efficiency.

After the practical part, it is noticeable that the Ultenic U12 Vesla scores with a solid suction performance. Effortlessly, any dirt as well as any hair on the floor is removed. The particles did not get tangled on the floor brush in the test either. Furthermore, the green light offers a clear view during cleaning and the integrated flashlight facilitates the operation in dark places immensely. Those who still come from an old-fashioned vacuum cleaner with a cord will actually learn to appreciate a cordless vacuum cleaner a lot as well. There is no need to change the socket several times during use. However, you still have to keep an eye on the battery every now and then, because depending on the complexity of the rooms or the size of the household, the vacuum cleaner is more likely to run out before that. A replacement battery could therefore be a good idea, even if this raises the original price by another third.

If the dust bin is almost full after use, it is recommended to dispose of all accumulated dirt directly. To do this, we click on a button on the bottom of the main unit, so that the dust container unlocks. Now it can be pulled out downwards. If we reach into the dust container from above, we can pull out the HEPA filter and remove the cyclone and machine filters. All dirt particles are now alone in the container and can be thrown into the household waste.

Another option for disposing of the dust is a dedicated switch on the dust bin itself, without having to remove the bin from the main unit. This is much more cumbersome in terms of pressure point than the other buttons on the Ultenic U12 Vesla, but this can be explained directly in a logical way. After pressing this button, the lower flap of the dust container opens and all dirt literally flies out downwards.

Since the filters or roller brushes should also be cleaned after using the vacuum cleaner many times, they can also be rinsed with water, which we consider sensible. This simplifies cleaning and is more hygienic than wiping with a cloth.

The Ultenic U12 Vesla is undoubtedly a remarkable cordless vacuum cleaner that convinces us in many ways. The Green Eye technology is a great feature to find more dust on the floor, which can be easily overlooked with the naked eye. The display is also successful and clearly presents all modes.

Another aspect that impressed us is the suction power. Whether it is dust, hair or coarser dirt particles, the U12 Vesla masters these challenges effortlessly. In our view, this would even make it suitable for households with pets.However, it should be noted that the quality of the vacuum cleaner could be optimized a bit. Since the U12 Vesla is largely made of plastic, this is noticeable when changing the attachments. The buttons for engaging the attachments feel rather spongy. In addition, the vacuum cleaner is more susceptible to wear and tear when hit.

Furthermore, the limited runtime can be a deal-breaker for some depending on the application. The battery is sufficiently large with 25,000 mAh and the U12 Vesla is very economical in Eco mode. However, the runtime shortens from about one hour to almost 15 minutes in the higher settings. Thus, a stopover for recharging or a replacement battery might be necessary.

In summary, the Ultenic U12 Vesla definitely convinced us and can definitely score with the price tag of currently € 193.15 *. The accessories are neat and the suction power definitely packs a punch! If you don’t mind the materials and also like the battery life, you can grab this one without hesitation.

Solid cordless vacuum cleaner for private households. However, we see potential for optimization in the choice of materials and the service life.

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